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Chemical Evaluations

More than 72% of drivers in the United States get their cars washed at a professional car wash location and 66% of them do this at least one to two times a month. That is a significant amount of car washes! If you have done the math, you may be deciding it’s time you opened your own car wash. Or perhaps you already have one and this has boosted your motivation to reinvigorate your own business. Either way, our expert staff at Renew Car Care can help! We have 28 years and counting in the business and pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, our superior knowledge, and our top quality products. We offer a wide range of services including, servicing and repairs, installations, redesigns, products, and consulting. We want nothing more than to see our clients succeed! If you are interested in getting the most out of your car wash business, new or old, we highly suggest investing in a chemical evaluation service with us. You definitely do not want to be wasting any of your valuable products by not using them correctly, in the right percentages, and with the right combinations. Our experienced team can help make sure you are using your products in the most effective and efficient way.

What is a Chemical Evaluation?

Renew Car Care offers a wide variety of services to help evaluate your business’s strengths and weaknesses and where improvements can be made. One way this can be done is with an evaluation of the chemicals you are using in your wash. A chemical evaluation can be extremely valuable to a car wash business. This type of evaluation will check to see if you are using quality products, the correct ratios of products, will provide qualitative ratings on things like foam, scent, and color,  specific costs related to your chemical usage, and more. This information is invaluable to car wash owners and can provide you with the facts you need to keep your car wash running at optimal performance levels and providing the best wash for your customers to support customer satisfaction and customer retention.

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The car wash business is a great business to be in but you may be surprised once you realize everything that goes into it. Don’t cut corners that will end up hurting your business and don’t get overwhelmed- Renew Car Care is here to help! We work in partnership with our clients, if they succeed then we succeed. We can help provide you with everything you need to create a booming car wash business. Call us today to see how we can help!

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We recognize that our clients have invested their future in their washes. Renew Car Care honors your hard work by providing high-quality equipment so you can focus on what’s most important while we handle the repair work. Contact us today.

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