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Tinley Park Car Wash Supplies

Customer satisfaction is an important foundation of any successful business and car wash services are no different! Happy customers mean repeat customers and often referrals too. Both of these help your car wash business to thrive. To provide the best service to your customers, you will want to have the best products. Our specialists at Renew Car Care are well versed in a wide variety of different car wash products and supplies. We can help you determine which products are right for you and your business and assist you with any of your car wash needs. You will want the products you use to not only be effective but also efficient for peak profit as well as customer satisfaction and retention. Our staff’s extensive knowledge and large supply can make this a reality. Our significant inventory will keep your business well stocked at all times. If you need car wash supplies in Tinley Park, contact us at Renew Car Care to see all we have to offer!

Our Car Wash Products

Our staff are all highly trained and certified factory technicians. They are experts in their field and know all of the ins and outs of each product we have in our inventory. We know the hard work you have put into your business, so we work just as hard to make sure we can help you succeed. Renew Car Care offers a wide range of products so we will always have what you need. Some of our inventory items include:

  • Alkaline presoaks- for presoaks, we carry ChemQuest’s Evolution Plus, Select 35, HI Performance, Purple Pre-Soak, and Alk Booster.
  • Low pH presoaks- Starter, PA 170, SMA-30, V-100
  • Drying agents and clear coats- we offer quality products to leave your customers shiny and protected. We offer Liquid Towel, EZ Dri, EZ Break, ECO 25.01, Clear coat protectant, and Foaming Clear Coat Protectant.
  • Triple foams- we offer Splendor 75 Series, TSO Series, Low pH Series
  • Detergents- our detergents include Low pH Shampoo, High pH Shampoo, EZ Low Foam, FX Series
  • Total vehicle protection products- Rain Shield and Colada Sheen offer a barrier against the elements.
  • Concentrates- Red hot, EZ FTM, and EZ Break. These products from ChemQuest offer a variety of different benefits like removing brake rust and reducing leftover water droplets.
  • Extras – products like glass cleaners, fragrances, tire slick, pad pro and more!

Why Renew Car Care

At Renew Car Care we put our customers first. We have been a family-owned and operated business since 1995 and pride ourselves on being able to provide car wash businesses with what they need in a timely manner and with quality products. We love seeing our clients succeed! Contact us today for any of your car wash supplies in Tinley Park.

We are Certified,

We recognize that our clients have invested their future in their washes. Renew Car Care honors your hard work by providing high-quality equipment so you can focus on what’s most important while we handle the repair work. Contact us today.

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