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Alkaline Pre-Soaks


Evolution Plus is a concentrated alkaline presoak with exceptional cleaning versatility. This product can be used as a 1-step presoak for high-pressure automatics or as a second step in a 2-step application. Great lemon scent!

Suggested dilution: 36:1-75:1 in a touch-less wash


Select 35 is a high pH, high foaming detergent that can be used as a single presoak in a one-step touch-less wash or as a step two in a two-step system. Select 35 is great at cleaning and brightening paint and rims. Helps to reduce or eliminate windshield eyebrows.

Suggested dilution: 64:1-128:1 for a touch-less wash


A detergent concentrate for a foam or wet application in friction washes as a presoak, foam shampooer, or as a gun prep soap. Hi Performance also has multiple applications in self-serves. It can be used as a presoak, high-pressure detergent, tire cleaner, and foam brush soap.


Purple Presoak is a grape-scented, purple foam packed into a high-pH alkaline foaming detergent. You could add extra pizzazz in a presoak with multiple applications in friction tunnels and self-serves.

Suggested dilution: 75:1-128-1


Make it hot! This product is designed to boost the alkalinity in alkaline cleaners. Works great in tire cleaners, prep guns, presoaks, and high-pressure detergents.

Suggested dilution: 256:1-500:1

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