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Low pH Pre-Soaks


Starter is a low pH, ammonium bi-fluoride, high-foaming detergent. This product can be used as a step one presoak in two-step touchless cleaning or for foam applications in friction washes. Cleans and brightens chrome and paint. Excellent for removing windshield eyebrows.

Suggested dilutions: 64:1 – 128:1 in touch-less washes

150:1 – 300:1 in friction washes

PA 170

This is the product to use when powerful cleaning measures are needed. PA 170 is very effective when used as a wheel cleaner and to remove window masks. It’s designed to be the first product of a two-step procedure. Both phosphoric acid and ammonium bifluoride are included in this product.

Suggested dilutions: 128:1 in touch-less washes

75:1 as a wheel cleaner


Low pH presoak is designed to cut through road salt residue. Combined with a fresh mint fragrance, SMA 30 works on the latest ice melt formulations. This product is used to remove salt corrosion and is safe to use on glass, metal, and painted surfaces. The biggest plus of this is that it’s environmentally safe and biodegradable.


V- 100 is a low pH presoak designed to be the first step of a two-step wash. This product produces a foamy show and aids in window mask removal and metal/wheel cleaning. It also works as a lubricant for friction wraps. It is also free of hydrofluoric acid or ammonium bifluoride, lubricates friction fabric, freshens paint finishes, brightens metal and glass, is free rinsing, has great show and smell, and is a good wheel cleaner.

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