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Renew Car Care is proud to offer the finest car wash parts and equipment available to our customers, and that includes Petit Auto Wash Equipment. Petit is a well-known and respected leader in the car wash equipment industry, and their products are designed to help car wash owners maximize their return on investment. Plus, they offer the custom options many businesses desire. Learn more about these innovative products and how they can help your car wash by reaching out to Renew Car Care today.

Maximize Your Profits with Petit Auto Wash Equipment

Petit Auto Wash Equipment systems are thoughtfully designed to remove even the toughest bugs and dirt while keeping operating and maintenance costs low. Available systems include:

Accutrac® 360-i

This powerfully engineered inbay wash features double spray arms and Petit’s precisely designed oscillating spray heads. With an 8-foot clearance standard, your wash can accommodate more vehicles to maximize your customer base. Plus, with a 2-3 minute wash time, this system can wash up to 29 cars per hour.

Accutrac® 360-t

This touchfree tunnel car wash is a high-pressure spray system that moves along with the vehicle. Like Petit’s inbay system, it features double spray arms and oscillating spray heads for a powerful, efficient wash every time.

Accutrac® XR

A compact tunnel system, the Accutrac® XR includes all the benefits of a high-performing Petit Auto Wash in a smaller footprint.

Accutrac® XT

If you’re looking for a speedy car wash system with ultimate clearance, the Accutrac® XT is for you. With a 9’10” clearance, your wash can accommodate more commercial trucks and vans than most standard car washes.

Pump Stations

Petit’s 25-HP pump stations are engineered to reduce maintenance while extending the life of many components, such as belts, hoses, and the motor.

The Customization Your Car Wash Deserves

Car wash owners love Petit Auto Wash Equipment because of their innovative and powerful systems, but the benefits don’t stop there. Petit also offers some of the most desirable customizations available for car wash owners, including:

  • Arm Colors – Choose from one of ten arm colors ranging from bright to neutral.
  • Bridge Signs – Petit can incorporate your logos or branding into a custom backlit bridge sign.
  • Custom Signage – By customizing your interior and exterior signage, you can create a memorable customer experience that leads to more repeat customers.

If you need help developing your logos or branding, Renew Car Care offers consulting and design services for car wash owners. We can help your business stand out from the competition with the best equipment and a unique appearance.

Engineered from Real-World Experience

To understand what truly elevates Petit Auto Wash Equipment above its competitors, it helps to understand a little about the company’s history.

The Petit family has been operating car washes in Ohio since 1968. Tom Petit Jr., who began working in his parents’ car washes at eight years old, went on to earn a degree in aerospace technology. He eventually returned to the family business, certain that he could use his engineering education to improve car wash technology. Together with his father, Tom Sr., he began producing prototypes. Fast forward to today, and Tom Jr., now president of the company his family still operates, holds eight U.S. patents for various car wash equipment systems and technology.

The Petit family understands the cost and commitment that car wash owners put into their businesses, and their products are designed to help you build a professional legacy you can be proud of, just as their family continues to do.

Renew Car Care is Your Home for the Best Car Wash Equipment

Whether you’re planning for your first car wash, renovating a current wash, or expanding your operations, Renew Car Care is here to support you. We offer reliable, efficient equipment and chemicals to keep your car wash running in top condition. To learn more about Petit Auto Wash Equipment or our services, contact Renew Car Care today.

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We recognize that our clients have invested their future in their washes. Renew Car Care honors your hard work by providing high-quality equipment so you can focus on what’s most important while we handle the repair work. Contact us today.

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