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Triple Foams (Tri-Foam)


The Splendor 75 Series is a multi-colored foaming conditioner that can be used in any triple foam application. It provides a rich, thick foam with superior lubricating qualities. This product’s flexibility, which may be employed in automatics, tunnels, and self-serve applications, is a major plus.


Utilizing new detergent technology, the polish series combines show and shine. Upon application, its foam collapses and rinses easier than standard triple foam conditioners. Additionally, it begins the drying process by breaking water and improving drying agent effectiveness. This product is ideal where rinsing and time are of the essence. Polish comes in a variety of concentrations and colors to meet customer expectations.


Multicolored low pH foamers can be used for any triple foam application. This foam helps to improve drying agent efficacy by neutralizing alkaline presoak carryover. In friction applications, the low pH reduces bacterial growth in cloth and aids in keeping cloth cleaner.

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