Tips on Maintaining Your Car Wash Blow Dryers 

Tips on Maintaining Your Car Wash Blow Dryers 

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Car wash blowers can leave cars dry, but this is only sometimes the result. Ineffective room for blowers can lead to decreased drying efficiency and risk depositing water or moisture spots that may have been avoided if done correctly. Therefore, taking the time to get familiar with available equipment and regular maintenance is essential in assuring an effective dry for customers.

Unfortunately, car wash owners sometimes need to pay more attention to the amount of space required for the car and blower combination and fail to service their machines properly. In the following blog, we will detail the best tips you can use to maintain your car wash blow dryers and provide more cost-savings with fewer breaks.

Tips to improve the quality and efficacy of your car wash blow dryers

As a car wash operator, nothing can be more infuriating than hearing about customers complaining that their vehicle is full of water spots after going through the tunnel. Although it’s easy to point fingers and blame the blowers, there are other causes of unsatisfactory results in most cases. To avoid further disappointment, looking at the entire process from start to finish is essential when evaluating your establishment’s effectiveness.

Here are our tips:

Tip #1 Give your blowers lots of space

One of the most common mistakes operators make when incorporating blowers into their car washing process is needing to construct more space to accommodate the blower and other equipment. In addition to having ample room for functioning, optimal results from these devices come from enabling a complete distribution system with an appropriate spacing for chemicals to be applied correctly.

If areas are not reachable during the application or the prescribed dwell time is not followed, then subsequent steps in this sequence, such as barebone dryness, can not be achieved. Finding a balance between the right amount of spacing and operational effectiveness must be considered when formulating solutions so that there is no compromise on providing ultimate customer satisfaction and delight.

Tip #2 Don’t rely on horsepower- Bank on efficiency.

It can be tempting to rely on power and blast a car with air in the car wash. However, using more energy is less efficient in the long run and will increase costs. Instead, ensuring blowers are checked and maintained is an important step that should be considered. Flash dryers are an increasingly popular option in car washes as they help reduce water pooling, which could otherwise cause dripping.

To get a vehicle drier, re-routing the water’s path for better distribution is a preferred alternative to simply providing blasts of air – in this way, a car wash will become more efficient over time.

Tip #3: Inspect blower fans and motors routinely

Inspecting each motor and fan is crucial in any maintenance and repair process. When visually checking for cracks from stress or impact, an operator prevents more costly repairs. Taking the time to look for these minor signs of wear can help save both time and money in the long run, ensuring peak motor performance every time.

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