What is Titration?

What is Titration?

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Titration is a common chemical technique to determine an unknown solution’s concentration. The method involves introducing a known reactant into another solution until a reaction occurs, as indicated by color change. Titration color change will indicate an acid-base equations or redox reactions.

For a car wash, it is important to mix presoaks by titration. Mixing presoaks this way ensures the presoaks are efficient, effective, and perform well on your customer’s vehicles. The process can be broken down into four easy steps we will detail below.

What you need to titrate your presoaks

Before you start a titration experiment, it is essential to make sure you have everything you need. You’ll want to ensure you have the reagents, chemicals necessary for the reaction, and any special tools or items required, such as cylinders or a titration kit.

The following are the items you will need when you begin to titrate your presoaks:

  • A graduated cylinder
  • Preferred titration kit, including
    • Mixing Vial (20ml plus is easier)
    • Test Tube (8ml)
    • Alkaline or Acidic presoak reagent
    • Indicator solution (bottle)
    • Instruction manual or technical data sheet
    • Titration chart

Performing the process of titration

Now that you have your ingredients, it is time for the quick and easy 4-step process for you to titrate your presoaks properly. Follow these step-by-step instructions to perform the procedure.

Step 1

Taking a sample from the application arch is a straightforward process; the first step is to turn on the function. With the machine running, take your mixing vial into the bay and carefully pull your sample from within.

Step 2

After the solution has been formulated in the assigned mixing vial, fill your prepared test tube with the solution. Keep an eye on the solution to ensure no lingering bubbles are forming at the top of the test tube. Empty your mixing vial completely and pour the test tube solution back into the mixing vial.  It is important to use only the amount of solution from the test tube (8ml) to get an accurate titration.

Step 3

Knowing your pH level is critical for successful titration, so before adding any reagent to the solution, it’s essential first to add three drops of indicator solution. The sample will turn pink if alkaline and remain clear if acidic. When dealing with an alkaline product, ensure only to add the alkaline reagent one drop at a time until the solution runs clear; conversely, when dealing with an acid product, it’s best practice to apply one drop of the acid reagent until the solution turns pink. This extra step helps ensure that your testing efforts are done correctly and produce an accurate reading every time.

Step 4

After adding your chosen reagent to the product in question, wait for the indicator to change color, indicating whether your solution is alkaline or acidic. Count the number of drops needed to achieve this change and refer to your titration sheet. The drop number will indicate how you can tell what titration level you have achieved based on the number of drops taken and allow you to understand better and adjust your product’s pH levels as needed.

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